Physical environment

Prioritise, plan and implement building and grounds improvement projects within the school, and in consultation with the school.

Ascot State School P&C Association School Building Fund

The Ascot State School Parents & Citizens’ Association (P&C) operates a School Building Fund which accepts donations from parents and the community. The P&C uses the School Building Fund solely for the acquisition, construction or maintenance of our school buildings. The School Building Fund is managed by a responsible person appointed by the P&C Executive. School Building Fund donations are only spent on projects that are approved by the P&C and in accordance with Australian Taxation Office Guidelines. Parents are invited to make contributions to the School Building Fund which are tax deductible.

Past projects

  • Air-Conditioning - A staged proposal was adopted by the School and P&C in early 2018. Currently 28 of 32 classrooms have AC installed and paid for by the P&C, with all classrooms in B Block getting AC during term 1 of 2020. The hall was also air-conditioned after a donation was received from our federal member with the School providing the balance of the cost this was completed at the start of the 2020 school year. The Queensland government has recently announced a “Cool Schools” policy and Ascot State School has been included on the list so the additional funds to complete the phased installation will hopefully come from the government. The voluntary contribution has been utilised with the addition of school funds to maintenance & replacement all air conditioners.

  • Girls & Boys Change Room (Pool) The school received a $10,000 grant to upgrade the boys change room. The work which included a full refurb of both the boys & girls change rooms and also the entrance to the change rooms was completed in time for the start of the 2019/2020 Ascot Swim Club season. The work required was well in excess of the grant with the School providing the extra funds needed but the change rooms are now fresh and clean and accessible to all.

  • Prep playground - The October 2019 meeting approval spending to rebuild this playground. Due to the capital works being done to make the school accessible, this project won’t be completed until the September/October holidays. Plans are being finalised this term and tender will run in term 2 for the works to be completed in the holidays.

  • Barlow Street - This facility is leased by external providers to give before and after school care to students as well as access for young children to attend playgroup. Refurbishment works are currently being done to upgrade the facility. This work is fully funded by the school.

  • Master Plan - The sub-committee worked with the State Government and school executive to formulate a master plan for the school for its long-term future. In summary, G block and the covered game court will be demolished to make way for a new building that incorporates the hall and STEAM activities, the hall will become the administration centre and then all other buildings will remain/become classrooms. Lifts and accessibility to all are also addressed in the plan.

  • Anti-Skate Edging - The School has installed skate proof edging on retainer walls and seating areas around the School. Repairing the damaged walls and painting all these areas.

  • Solar panels - Through a State Government programme, solar panels were installed at Ascot which will help off-set the increased electricity costs with most of the school now running AC in the summer months. Also as part of the Advancing Clean Energy Schools Program, all classroom lights have been replaced with LED lighting.


  • Traffic management and parking -

  • After receiving a grant from the State Government, the P&C and School worked with Brisbane City Council to erect signage in and around the school as well as play areas for the younger years. Traffic islands and changed signage on the roads now ensures there is no conflict during band drop off and swimming lesson.

  • Air-Conditioning - A staged proposal was adopted by the School and P&C in early 2018. Currently 11 of 32 classrooms have AC installed and paid for by the P&C. The Building Fund will now be used to raise additional funds to complete the phased installation. I would like to acknowledge Carol Tsung and Renee Sontag for their determination and work on this project.

  • 2016

  • Artist in residence program - $20,000

  • Music program - purchase of new equipment and repair to old equipment- $18,000

  • Storage for music department at back of hall - $3,000

  • Folding wall between the 1A and 1B classroom - $10,000

  • Replacement of vandalised Planet Mosaic (replaced with underwater mosaic) $10,000

  • Learning Innovation Fund - $15,000.

  • Refurbishment of G Block, $20,000 was set aside to do the initial design and briefing work in order to apply for a grant to build.

  • 2015

  • Increase the bandwidth to the school from 4Mpbs to 20Mpbs - $25,000

  • Art teacher and sculpture and mural in the prep are - $30,000

  • Refurbishment of the sculpture garden - $40,000, The landscapers also created greater flow at the back of the hall, installing a new deck and a concrete path as well as rectification work in the prep gardens.

  • Music program, purchase of new instruments and repairs - $18,000

  • In conjunction with the school replacement of pool liner - $10,000

  • Learning Innovation Fund - $15,000


  • $15,000 New Home Readers

  • $15,000 Maths Equipment

  • $47,000 iPads (3 class sets)

  • $17,500 Musical Instruments (repair & replace)

  • $29,000 (approx) Art Teacher

  • $35,000 Learning Innovation in the classrooms

  • $20,000 Year 3/4 Playground Refurbishment


  • Upgrades to hall stage - $2,000

  • Upgrades to Music Rooms - $7,560

  • Audio Visual Equipment for Music Room 2 - $2,500

  • Artist in Residence (2 days per week, excluding materials) - $26,000

  • Extension of roof on verandah of F Block to create Outdoor Learning Area - $40,000

  • Sunshades for G Block - $30,000

  • Acoustic Treatment to G Block - $20,000

  • Non-slip matting for swimming pool steps - $5,000

  • Refurbish Year 3&4 Playground - $15,000

  • Refurbish Year 1&2 Playground (above swimming pool) - $30,000

  • Bain Marie

  • Upgrade of Toilet Blocks

  • Landscape First Garden Bed

  • Landscape Planning