To create opportunities for our children to express themselves artistically.

Friends of Visual Arts and Design (FoVAD) is an active and exciting P&C sub-committee of Ascot State School parent volunteers led by our P&C funded Artist in Residence.

FOVAD works with the school and all of the P&C to create opportunities for our children to express themselves artistically and to increase students’ appreciation of Visual Art and Design. FOVAD was launched in 2008 with the aim of supporting the school in fostering an appreciation of art and inspiring creativity amongst students.

FOVAD produces Ascot State School Art Week each May and Art Evening in September, every second year. FOVAD also runs art-related student competitions and facilitates art workshops throughout the year, and are involved in art-related community events.

FOVAD welcomes parent volunteers who appreciate visual art and wish to help optimise their children’s experience with art at primary school. Artistic talent by parent volunteers is appreciated but is definitely not required for a FOVAD volunteer as our role is to facilitate opportunities for art expression and art appreciation by the students themselves. We warmly welcome any spare time you have to join with us. Please contact