Special Projects Funding

Funding application process

Each year the P&C invites members of the school community to submit ideas for special projects that support the aims of the P&C.Members of the P&C then consider each proposal, and where funds allow, vote to implement the special project.

Use either the online form or print and submit an application to notify the P&C of your proposed project or initiative.

Note: all projects require P&C approval before commencement.

Projects may include, but are not limited to, works to the buildings or grounds, acquisition of materials, equipment or resources, funds for specific activities, or other projects that are outside of a sub-committee’s approved budget.

Approval process

1. An application for special funding maybe submitted at any time during the calendar year.

2. Submissions will be presented and discussed at the following September P&C meeting. Questions about a project may be raised at this time.

3. Questions must be responded to at the P&C's October meeting when all projects will be prioritised and budgets considered.

4. Project funding is to be consumed between approval and September of the following year when the next round of Special Projects are voted upon. Exceptions may be permitted by the P&C on a case-by-case basis for circumstances such as works needing to be done over the Christmas holiday period.

If you are unable to access the online form, please print the form. Completed forms can delivered to the P&C pigeon hole outside of the staff room or emailed to executive@ascotsspandc.org before the P&C's September General Meeting.